April 14, 2014

The Perfect Colors For Any Nursery

It's Peter Rabbit color! Look at these beautiful colors! From yellow, pink, green and blue, it's all here. You of course can use a few or all of this colors for your baby's room. Mix and match and don't forget to frame your inspiration picture.

April 3, 2014

Do Firethorne Homes in Marvin Have Forever Colors?

Do you live in the Firethorne community in Marvin? Do you have your forever colors or are you still looking at Contractor's Beige?

Come take a look at this video and see what a difference the right colors can make in your home!

March 25, 2014

Inspirational Gardens

I have no idea what type of flower this is but is is one of my favorites that pop up in my garden. I love  that there are several colors, yellow and pink, all on one pom-pom. I keep saying this but you can get the absolute BEST color ideas right from your garden. Hopefully I'll get to see these colors in my garden again if the sun ever decides to come out and stay out here in Charlotte.

March 20, 2014

Celebrate The First Day of Spring

Spring is here? Spring is here … at least according to the calendar. Some of our temperatures are still unseasonably cold but don't let that discourage you. Before you know it we'll be complaining that it's too hot. 

Meanwhile, when you think of Spring colors, think outside the box a little and look at both the highlights and shadows of the picture you're looking at. Some of the best colors are the ones you don't notice at first so keep them in mind as well. Enjoy your Spring Day!

March 9, 2014

How To Design A Color Palette for Luxury Homes in Charlotte

There are many styles of homes here in Charlotte. With a mix of old homes, historic homes, new construction, bungalows, condominiums, apartments and luxury homes it's always an adventure to see who my next client will be and what type of home I'll be designing for.

Most of my clients live in the South Charlotte area where the homes are fairly new construction or the 4,000+ square foot McMansion. Many of these homes are also a custom build so attention to detail is imperative to bring out the homes beauty.

South Charlotte home

Every Designer designs differently. Some Designers take a ton of pictures at their clients home and then heads back to the office to put together a color palette based on what they see in the pictures. I choose the colors right there while in the home and have the client with me as I travel from room to room discussing the best color choice for that space. It's a very hands on project and it's imperative to have the client with me during the process. Many times I even ask my clients to take part in the color consultation as they write down the names of the colors or even hold some of my many paint decks as I search for the perfect hue for the home. They really love being my “Assistant” and also being part of the design process for their own home.

Believe me when I tell you that there is nothing standard about designing a color scheme for a home. Every home is different whether it's because of the lighting, decor or the style of the home. Some homes are easier because they are smaller or not as open as most homes are. Having said that, designing color for a two story cookie cutter home is not that same as choosing color for a custom built luxury home. 

I'm currently designing a color palette for the Rosewood condominiums in Charlotte. Special care has to be given to the color choices for this home. Here are some important facts to consider as I am thinking about my color possibilities for this client:

  • What colors will bring out the beautiful architectural woodwork in these homes?
  • How will the large windows that let in a tremendous amount of natural light alter the saturation of my color choices?
  • Special choice have to be made when choosing color for very high ceilings.
  • As spaces open and can be seen from several parts of the home, will the colors transition well from room to room?
  • Does the client want warm and inviting colors or are they looking for a bold and dramatic choice?
  • Most importantly, will the new color palette accentuate the beauty of these Rosewood condos and be pleasing to the client? Of course they will!

Rosewood Condominiums in Charlotte, NC

There is really a tremendous thought process that goes into choosing color for any home whether it's a small apartment in Matthews or a luxury home in Piper Glen. The main thing is to listen to what the client wants for their home and to make sure it's color appropriate for the home. It's what I do and what I love! Need color for your home? I'd be glad to help.

March 6, 2014

Bring in Blue and Green Into your Home This Spring

Like I said earlier in year, 2014 is going to be the year of great color! No more whites, pinky beiges or band-aid color for our walls. Let's hear it for all the colors that you can add to the blue that you probably already have in your home. Oh and if you like these flowers, you can buy them at Crate&Barrel.

March 1, 2014

A Color Specialist in Charlotte Hunts for Hues at Rug and Home

No matter where I go in Charlotte I always bring my camera. I recently met up with Rug Expert and Vice President of Rug and Home, Aanchal Gupta. With camera in hand and an enormous showroom with some of the most beautiful rugs you've ever seen, we chatted for about an hour. 

We talked about color trends, how some of the rugs are made, where they are made and some of the custom rugs and beautiful furniture they also offer. 

I took so many great pictures but want to share some of my top picks with you.

Animal prints are really a must have for the home.

 A little pop of blue in a neutral rooms for interest.

Gray and orange! Now that's a combo you don't see often.

Bringing in color with furniture is a great choice!

When area rugs become works of art. 

Need a specific color? Rug and Home has a custom color option for you!

Striking a pose in purple with Annchal.

A job well done!

Accent chairs are a great place to sport accent colors.

Great color and texture i this chair. The gold is glowing!

 Orange and blue are always a great color combo for the home.


I also found a few Radiant Orchid choices!

Black, red and white. I'm seeing a lot of this trio lately!

Don't forget to add texture to a neutral room.